Homeland security secretary and acting attorney general issued new restrictive regulation on those who cross border illegally

Migrants illegally entering US via Mexican border to be denied asylum: US Justice Dept.

Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], Nov 09 (Sputnik/ANI): Migrants who illegally enter the United States through the southern border with Mexico will be ineligible for asylum, the Department of Justice said in a press release.

US proposes rule banning asylum for illegal migrants

Migrants who cross the southern US border illegally will no longer be eligible for asylum under a new rule, the Trump administration has said.

US To Deny Asylum To Illegal Border Crossers • Channels Television

The United States will no longer allow people who enter the country illegally to claim asylum, officials said Thursday, unveiling a

U.S asylum system overwhelmed with too many meritless claims: AG Whitaker. In another controversial move, the Trump administration has decided to restrict the entry of illegal migrants who cross the southern border with Mexico to seek asylum in the US.

The Trump administration unveiled new rules on Thursday to sharply limit migrant asylum.

US immigration officials aim to restrict asylum at border US immigration officials aim to restrict asylum at border

The move was spurred in part by caravans of Central American migrants slowly moving north on foot, but will apply to anyone caught crossing illegally, officials said.

The Trump administration said Thursday it will deny asylum to migrants who enter the United States illegally, invoking extraordinary presidential national

Trump announces new rules to limit migrant asylum claims

The Trump administration unveils new rules to sharply limit migrant asylum claims by barring individuals who cross the US southern border illegally from seeking asylum.

Officials said the rules would take effect Friday, when the president plans to declare an emergency at the border using the same authority he relied upon for his travel ban.

Trump administration moves to restrict asylum seekers at border

Once plan goes into effect, those at US southern border would only be eligible for asylum if they go to official port.

White House issues new rule limiting asylum seekers

The Trump administration said Thursday it will restrict the ability of those crossing illegally to seek asylum on the southern US border, in a move previewed by the President last week.