Morrison finally explains leadership spill after Turnbull lashes out on TV

Scott Morrison has shed fresh light on why Liberal politicians chose to band together to bring down former PM Malcolm Turnbull.

Turnbull refused to provide any explanation for his removal, but accused “the right” of seeking to destroy the Liberal Party.

Malcolm Turnbull's Liberal Party knifing explained by PM Scott Morrison Scott Morrison explains the logic behind Malcolm Turnbull's knifing

The Prime Minister says conservative Liberal insurgents behind Malcolm Turnbull's demise had believed the party must better connect with the values of its grassroots members.

In Six Words Malcolm Turnbull Proved He Doesn’t Care About LGBTIQ People

In six short words about marriage equality on Q&A, Malcolm Turnbull proved he never really cared about Australia's LGBTIQ population.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has denied he helped engineer the coup against Malcolm Turnbull after the ...

Cormann opens on Turnbull coup

MATHIAS Cormann says he did not engineer the coup that brought down Malcolm Turnbull as PM, but has been transparent about his contribution to it.

'Blew up the government': Malcolm Turnbull challenges plotters in defence of his government 'Blew up the government': Malcolm Turnbull challenges plotters in defence of his government

Malcolm Turnbull named the plotters against his leadership in a sensational interview on ABC TV that shed new light on the chaotic leadership spill.

Malcolm Turnbull's former supporter Mathias Cormann concedes Liberal Party was in 'more competitive' position before leadership spill Cormann concedes Coalition was 'in a more competitive position' when Turnbull knifed

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has agreed that the Coalition had improved its electoral position just before he and his colleagues knifed Malcolm Turnbull.