The Prime Minister admits he has a big mountain to climb but says there's a long way to go.

Senate apologises to child sexual assault victims; Dutton signals possible migration changes; and Coalition takes another hit in the polls. All the day’s events, live

'Mountain to climb': Coalition well behind Labor in latest poll

Labor is well ahead in the latest Newspoll, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he has a "very steep" mountain to climb.

Scott Morrison vows to be himself after Newspoll slump

The coalition’s primary vote has sunk yet again.

Australian government slips further behind Labor: Newspoll Australian government slips further behind Labor: Newspoll

MELBOURNE - Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's Liberal-National Coalition has lost more ground to the front-running Labor Party opposition months before an election, with most gains since he became leader in August erased, a poll showed on Monday. Labor is now ahead o

The Newspolls have been consistently worse for the Coalition since the leadership change – before that Labor had been cut back to a narrow 51-49% lead.

Morrison, Coalition plunge in poll

It’s not looking good for Scott Morrison and the Coalition as the embattled PM’s approval ratings take another hit.

Monday: Australia’s largest food charity in crisis after Coalition cuts its funding almost in half. Plus: Labor takes 10-point lead in Newspoll

Horror Newspoll proves Turnbull right | The New Daily

Malcolm Turnbull has accused his colleagues of “blowing up the government” and last night’s Newspoll certainly supports his general thesis.