Two sources this week said Meghan Markle, aided by Harry, became demanding in the run-up to their wedding, with her fussing to wear a certain emerald tiara.

British Tabloids Seem to Think Meghan Markle and the Queen Have Feuded

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth reportedly butted heads over the tiara the future Duchess of Sussex would wear for her wedding.

Now We're Supposed to Believe the Queen and Meghan Markle Fought Over a Tiara?

Despite everything we've seen from the two of them in public, a new report claims there was pre-wedding drama.

Queen’s nasty spat with Meghan

THE Queen reportedly clashed with Meghan before the royal wedding — it’s now a source of tension between them.

Is Prince Harry an Influencer Now?

Everything Harry’s new wife Meghan Markle wears flies off the shelves. Can Harry have the same effect on what men wear?

Buckingham Palace is selling $40 replicas of Meghan Markle’s engagement ring.

Back in May when it was announced that Prince Charles would walk Meghan Markle to Prince Harry waiting at the altar at their wedding, it was a relief to anyone who had been following the lead-up to the ceremony. Markle's dad, Thomas, had gone back…

Queen told Harry 'Meghan Markle cannot have whatever she wants'

The Queen has reportedly 'had words' with Harry, telling him his wife Meghan Markle 'cannot have whatever she wants'. The matriarch told her grandson, 34, the 'difficult' Duchess of Sussex...

Harry, Meghan, Kate and William could be breaking up

Royals Harry, Meghan, Kate and William live and work together. But now, with changing family priorities and duties, buzz is the band could be breaking up.

‘Meghan cannot have whatever she wants.’ A royal insider has claimed that not everything is rosy between Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle, with the monarch having to put the royal ...

MEGHAN MARKLE was reportedly told she could not wear her first choice of tiara for her wedding. A Sun exclusive claimed the Duchess was warned by the Queen that she could not have the piece. Is this the tiara she wanted?

HER Majesty stepped in after the couple were unhappy at being told 'difficult' Meg’s first choice, which featured emeralds, was off limits. Meghan, 37, eventually wore a diamond and platinum headpiece selected by the Queen despite Harry telling staff before the big day: 'What Meghan wants, Meghan gets'.

How much power does the Royal Family have?

Prince Charles insist he won’t be a “meddling monarch”

Piers Morgan has branded Meghan Markle "fake" and claims she is "acting" on Australia tour. The TV star slammed the pregnant Duchess of Sussex in a furious rant on Good Morning Britain earlier today.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton fans are rowing about which duchess is better – and it’s starting to get heated

HOW Meghan Markle would wear her hair for the royal wedding was the topic of much debate in the lead-up. It was speculated that she'd wear one of Princess Diana's. In fact, the tiara she wore is much older, and it's absolutely beautiful.