A shark attack victim says he’s happy to be in piece after being mauled at a beach south of Perth

Young body boarder 'stomped on shark' at Dawesville surf break

A young body boarder is set to undergo surgery today after he was attacked by a shark off Dawesville.

Bodyboarder 'extremely lucky' after being mauled by shark south of Perth

Attack caused 'traumatic ' foot and ankle injuries.

'Super lucky to be here': Bodyboarder went into 'Mick Fanning mode' to survive shark attack

Champion bodyboarder Noah Symmans describes the moment a shark latched onto his leg in the surf at Pyramids Beach near Mandurah.

Shark mauls bodyboarder in WA

A shark has mauled a bodyboarder south of Perth with the man flown to hospital for treatment.

Shark mauls man’s leg in Mandurah attack

Noah Symmans, 20, was bitten on the calf around 8.42am before dragging himself on to nearby rocks.

Shark savages WA surfer in latest attack

A young man has been treated for non-life threatening injuries after it's believed a shark bit his leg while he was bodyboarding at a West Australian beach

Surfer attacked by shark off Mandurah beach 'Couple of meaty bites': Man attacked by shark off Mandurah beach

It's understood he was dragged under the water, but was able to free himself.