Australia-PNG defence alliance on show at APEC

At the APEC summit this week Australia's close defence ties with its Pacific neighbours will be on show.

Foreign troops pour into Papua New Guinea for APEC meet |

Papua New Guinea has deployed a multi-national force of warships, fighter jets and elite counter-terrorism troops to protect world leaders attending a major summit in its crime-plagued capital this week.

About 4,000 military personnel, around half of them foreign, will work with hundreds of police to patrol Port Moresby for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum from Saturday, attracting representatives from 21 nations

Australia's pivot to the Pacific sees PNG defence ties on show for APEC

In a move being seen as an attempt to counter China's growing interest in the region, 1,500 Australian Defence Force personnel are stationed in Port Moresby to assist PNG authorities with security during the APEC Leaders' Summit.

Author: Editorial Board, ANU APEC leaders will be meeting on Friday at a time when the international order is confronted by more uncertainties and perils

Global Leaders Converge on Pacific Island—Just Don’t Ask Them to Stay There

Papua New Guinea, host nation for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, is plagued by crime, lacks sufficient hotel rooms.

APEC holds annual leaders summit with involvement of China and Pacific Island states | Foreign Brief

The Leader’s Week of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum begins today in Port Moresby.

US Coast Guard to patrol shoreline - Post Courier

US Coast Guard to patrol shoreline