Tillerson's ouster prolongs limbo for empty State Department jobs

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Mike Pompeo, a Statesman Opposed to Peace

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Tillerson's insubordination meant he had to go

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Tillerson visit to Africa weakened by replacement

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Tillerson was on the toilet when he got to know about his dismissal by Trump: Reports

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Fired top diplomat Tillerson says he's praying for America

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Trump's New Team Sets Hard-Line Policy Toward Iran

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Post-Rexit, Tillerson pledges to pray for US

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Ex-EU Consultant: Tillerson-Pompeo Transition Likely to Sway US Foreign Policy

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Tillerson was a disaster for the state department. Can Pompeo do better?

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Donald Trump can be 'tough on North Korea and Iran' with Mike Pompeo by his side

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The Senate might hold up Trump's CIA pick — because of questions about torture

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Donald Trump's cabinet accused of living large at taxpayers' expense

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Who's next after Rex Tillerson? Under Trump's lack of leadership, the White House is in meltdown

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Where Does Mike Pompeo Stand on the Issues? Too Close to Trump

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Trump Fires Tillerson, Says CIA's Pompeo Will Replace Him

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Donald Trump sacks Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

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Trump replaces Tillerson with Pompeo in dramatic shakeup

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Rex Tillerson's firing leaves US diplomacy in turmoil

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Trump Replacing Secretary Of State Tillerson With CIA Director Mike Pompeo

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