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  • At private dinner, Devin Nunes declares legacy media 'dead,' asks 'Who is left to prosecute for collusion?'
  • House Intel Republicans have cleared Trump. So are the Russia investigations over?
  • House Intelligence Committee to vote on Republicans' Russia report next week
  • Democrats say House GOP leaving much work unfinished in Russia probe
  • House Intel battling over release of transcripts for Russia probe
  • House intelligence Democrats outline how to keep their Russia investigation alive
  • House Republicans set March 22 vote on their Russia report
  • House Republicans said Russia didn't try to help Trump win the election. Now they're backtracking.
  • Beware of Devin Nunes's Next Move
  • House Democrats vow to continue Russia probe, release report on their findings
  • GOP and Russia Inquiry: 'Party Above Principle'
  • The Republican coverup for Trump just got much worse
  • Republicans find no evidence of collusion or Russian preference for Trump
  • Trump Welcomes House Panel Finding of No Election Collusion With Russia
  • Trump 'very happy' about GOP finding of 'no collusion' in Russia investigation
  • Trump hails House report's finding of no collusion with Russia
  • House Intelligence Committee Republicans deliberately ignored the obvious
  • Trump praises House GOP report of no collusion on Russia
  • Nothing to See Here: GOP Abruptly Terminates Russia Probe, Claiming No Collusion
  • House GOP report says no collusion between Trump and Russia
  • Why the center-left became immoderate - Marginal REVOLUTION

    Try to imagine LBJ sitting down to a pleasant dinner with Farrkahan ... class didn’t help the legacy left. ... be used to prosecute or harm people who do ...

  • Let’s have a look at the democrats’ evidence of that Trump ...

    Let’s have a look at the democrats’ evidence of that Trump-Russian collusion ... Chairman Devin Nunes ... at the democrats’ evidence of that Trump-Russian ...

  • IndyWatch Feed Allworld - - The Wire

    This is not the same girlfriend that was pictured with the Rich family when they visited the scene of the crime in August of 2016 a month after the crime. Pictured left to right is DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier, Seth Richs girlfriend, Kelsey, Mary Rich, Aaron Rich, and father, Joel Rich. So what, Seth could easily have had two girlfriends.

  • WGMD | The Talk of Delmarva

    Leftists and their legacy media see the military as a ... ‘Keep your private parts,’ and this and ... House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, left, ...

  • The Case Against FBI Director Comey Grows – Intel ...

    Throughout the day today liberal media have been trying to make a controversy over House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes visiting the White House on the day prior to his press conference revealing surveillance of Trump transition team members. The implication of the MSM reporting was that Nunes ...

  • Justice Integrity Report - January 2018 News Reports

    Editor's Choice: Scroll below for our monthly blend of mainstream and alternative January 2018 news and views Jan. 31. FBI Leadership vs. White House On Memo. Washington Post, FBI challenges accuracy of GOP’s surveillance memo, Devlin Barrett, Karoun Demirjian and Elise Viebeck , Jan. 31, 2018.The bureau spoke out against a memo criticizing the use of surveillance authorities, challenging ...

  • Boom: Memo Released As FBI’s Chris “Fay” Wray Screams ...

    It’s coming. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes issued the following statement today:

  • Monday Madness and Open Thread -

    Monday Madness and Open Thread. By Jeralyn, ... Devin Nunes is announcing a distraction from Bob ... Tom Perez, is purging the last remnants of left-leaning ...

  • President Obama weakened America's defenses - A K Dart

    Obama intentionally weakened America's defenses. ... Former President Barack Obama left a legacy of radical social ... Devin Nunes, chairman of the House ...

  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions, FBI Spox and Office of DOJ ...

    Collusion probe snowballed ... It specifically declares labor organizations and collective bargaining in the civil ... We will prosecute no criminals before our ...

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